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Marketing Therapy

with Mike Connor

Head of School Kim Zaidberg was pleased with the outcome. "Nearly all of Connor’s recommendations were adopted, from admission tips to curricular suggestions. His final presentation to the Board was highly actionable, pitch perfect, and helped get us all pulling in the same direction for the road ahead.”
Currently the fastest growing school in Colorado, Aspen Academy near Denver is a prime example of never taking leadership in the educational market for granted. We’re pleased to announce we’ll be working with this notable school on enrollment feasibility and forecasting. This innovative School seeks to expand their reach by engaging us to fine-tune their current market area, identify mission-fit full-pay prospects, and predict areas for future growth.
A program recently launched at St. Edmund’s is their Signature Experiences for Global Goals, a curriculum thread inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations. This program allowed St. Edmund’s Academy to be the first school in Pittsburgh to sign on as a UN Global School.
Latest news from fundraising consultants reports that 95% of your donations may come from only 5% of your donors, further tightening the tried and true 80/20 rule. Learn how you can easily--and reasonably--identify the top donors in your current pool, or by using psychodemographic data, identify POTENTIAL donors that fit top donor status!
Finland’s schools were back in the news recently. For many of us, Finnish education caught our attention in the early 2000s when their schools surprisingly ranked at the top of the PISA test -- Program for International Student Assessment. Since then, Finland has been inundated with seekers from around the world searching for education’s Holy Grail.