Education Marketing and Advancement

Objectivity, transparency, and a collaborative spirit

What Clients Are Saying

Connor Associates has worked with some of the finest academic and non-profit organizations across the nation as well as overseas.

We are clearer on our mission.  We're more articulate on what we stand for and what we won't stand for. We are more united in our K-12 message.  They make it work for your schedule, not vice versa.

Our enrollment has increased and has held steady over the past five years.  We are more selective these days. Connor Associates provides unvarnished feedback in many areas. People are more forthright than when we tried to do this research in-house. They are timely, thorough, and yes, they are expensive.  But being underenrolled is much more so.

At Bentley, we operate on a very tight budget. That said, it was well worth the cost. 

Arlene F. Hogan, Head of School
Bentley School
Berkeley and Lafayette (Bay Area) CA

Thank you for your excellent work with the faculty and staff during your time here at Bosque a few weeks ago. I’m grateful for the thought, care, time, and wisdom you shared with all of us.  Thank you for helping us see ourselves more clearly and for fueling the courage necessary to claim our identity and tell our story with heart.  We're inspired for the year ahead! You've given us a great gift.

Sheryl Chard, Director of Professional Development, Sofia Center
Bosque School
Albuquerque, NM

Connor Associates, an industry leader in this space, will help The Woods Academy set the compass for the years ahead. The School is in a very healthy position and this work will only make us stronger.

Joe Powers, Head of School
The Woods Academy

Dennis Yuzenas from Oxbridge Academy in West Palm Beach here. Thanks again for your AISAP presentation on Tuesday—both sessions—that I attended. Your second session alone was worth the cost of the conference. As a newbie to the business you really helped me see the big picture. Though the thanks may be effusive, I mean it.

Dennis Yuzenas, Admission Director
Oxbridge Academy
West Palm Beach, FL

Thank you, Mike, for bringing your energy, professionalism, and endless passion for your craft to our Admission Program (April 2017)!  The VAIS school leadership valued your expertise - a depth and breadth of experience in the areas of brand communication and enrollment management. You are a leader in the field!

Kimberly E. Failon, Director of Communications and Professional Development
Virginia Association of Independent Schools
Richmond, VA