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Connor Associates has worked with some of the finest academic and non-profit organizations across the nation as well as overseas.

Thank you so very much for today’s webinar, Leveraging The Board’s Collective Network to Ensure Fiscal and Reputational Sustainability.

You have a wonderful presentation style and the content of your presentation was excellent.  You have given our Board Chairs some very useful information to take back to their Board and I thank you for that.  

Bethany Di Napoli, Executive Director
Independent Schools Chairpersons Association

Mike is a marketing and enrollment strategist with a brilliant reputation for making private school marketing easier and effective.  He brings amazing insight, previous classroom experience, and is data-driven and results-oriented. He's our first Senior Partner and helps keep free to schools.   

Rob and Liza Norman, Founders Resource for School Marketing Professionals

The conference call with Trustees went really well today. You were able to consolidate tons of feedback from hundreds of sources across multiple constituent groups, and put it all together in a package that Trustees could not only consume and process, but begin to formulate strategic responses to in advance of our Retreat. I'm so grateful for the expert work you did in this comprehensive study of parents, alumni, our external constituents, and community influencers. Again, thank you! Count me as a big Net Promoter of Connor Associates!

Trip Darrin, Head of School
Blue Ridge School

Mike Connor has excellent independent school experience and understands in a deep and comprehensive way what makes our schools thrive (the critical "levers")  -  and what stands in the way of progress and achieving full potential. That's a shorthand way of describing the great value you and your team bring to the process. 

Randy Hollister, Head of School
Loudoun Country Day School
Leesburg, VA

Following our  work with Connor Associates, we rewrote our mission statement, core values, and defined our academic program. That work led to the creation of a new strategic plan.  Enrollment is at the highest it’s been in six years. Applications are at an all-time high. (2018)

Josh Stern, Head of School
St Paul's Episcopal School
Oakland, CA