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What Clients Are Saying

Connor Associates has worked with some of the finest academic and non-profit organizations across the nation as well as overseas.

St. David’s is grateful to be working with Connor Associates. We selected Connor after an extensive search process, primarily for their thorough, data-driven approach and expertise with independent schools. After speaking with Connor and several of their references, we knew this would be an ideal partnership.


Jonathan Yonan, Headmaster
St. David's School
Raleigh, NC

“All of us at ISTP are looking forward to working again with Connor Associates. They were an invaluable resource for us in the past and allowed us to better understand our demographics and market. Their analysis of the results helped us to transform and better position our marketing program and materials."

Philippe Deitz, Head of School
International School of the Peninsula
Palo Alto, CA

The Connor project was extremely helpful and well worth the expenditure.  We now have confirmation of the right-fit, full-pay potential in our market area, we are aware of weaknesses in our prior marketing, admission, and price-tiering strategies, and we have a better understanding of what visiting families (online, on phone, or on campus) experience compared to our competitors. 

David Tilley, Head of School
Mt. Paran Christian School
Kennesaw, GA

Connor Associates was an invaluable resource for Fordham Prep in helping us design a mission-focused survey tool for our young alumni.  Their guidance in the distribution of the survey and analysis of the results helped us to better understand the positive outcomes of our academic and religious formation programs and areas we can strengthen for the future. Their analysis also provided important data we have used to transform our marketing material for prospective students and donors. 

Chris Devron, President, and Brian Carney, Vice President for Mission and Identity,
Fordham Preparatory School
Bronx, NY

Thank you so very much for today’s webinar, Leveraging The Board’s Collective Network to Ensure Fiscal and Reputational Sustainability.

You have a wonderful presentation style and the content of your presentation was excellent.  You have given our Board Chairs some very useful information to take back to their Board and I thank you for that.  

Bethany Di Napoli, Executive Director
Independent Schools Chairpersons Association