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Caroline Vroustouris

Research Associate

Caroline Vroustouris joined Connor Associates in 2018.  She has fifteen years of experience in the education industry, including roles as a classroom teacher, Tutoring Director and Education Advocate.

Born in Chicago, she spent much of her childhood in Fort Wayne, Indiana. After earning her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Indiana University, she returned to Chicago and began her professional career in marketing and sales. Two years later, Caroline was accepted into Loyola University Chicago’s Master of Education program. After completing her Master’s thesis and serving a one-year student teaching assignment in the Chicago Public Schools, Caroline earned her Master of Education and became a classroom teacher. She taught Kindergarten, 6th and 8th grades in Chicago.

Marrying her passion for education with her professional experiences in sales and marketing, Caroline moved out of the classroom and into a career in the tutoring industry, where she served as a Tutoring Director and company executive. Over the course of seven years, she worked at two tutoring startups that focus on one-on-one, in-home and online tutoring. She wore many hats during the rapid growth of these companies; her leadership in hiring, customer service, market development, sales and school outreach, helped propel business growth and expansion in the ed tech sector.

In the next phase of her career, Caroline worked as a Team Lead and Field Supervisor in educational advocacy for a Washington, D.C.-based public affairs firm. There, she provided Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and schools with the data they need to improve their bottom lines. Serving as both an interviewer and data analyst, she gathered and reported on the opinions of customers and clients. 

Caroline continues to pursue her passion for education by teaching English as a Second Language on a part-time basis. She is a fluent Polish speaker, and has worked with Polish, Chinese and Korean natives to learn and improve their English fluency. When she isn’t teaching, Caroline enjoys traveling with her children and husband. Along with road trips and beach getaways, Caroline enjoys attending concerts around the country.