Education Marketing and Advancement

Objectivity, transparency, and a collaborative spirit

Communicating the value of

what you do is our primary goal.

Our Process

Our comprehensive process is customizable, but is designed to
ensure that your organization becomes resilient, not just sustainable!

Communicate Value

Institutional brand identity and messaging

Constituent and community market research

Get the school into the community; community into the school

PR: Traditional and Social Media Setup and Maintenance

Everyone's role in outreach, enrollment, and retention

Demonstrating Value and Vision

Media Relations and Campaigns

Institutional and marketing strategic planning

Advanced Enrollment and Development

Sophisticated Psycho-Demographic Research and forecasting to develop new markets

Admisson funnel and process analysis to increase inquiries, conversions, and yields

Admission / Development / Communications Office Assessment

Admission and retention audits

Develop new income streams

International programs

Professional development and coaching

Go Beyond Sustainability to Financial Resilience

Improve financial management and planning

Assess Business Office operations

Strategic financial goal-setting, including philanthropy and enrollment

Decrease debt and increase endowment

Financial modeling

Risk management and regulatory compliance


Conduct Predictive Modeling to Increase Inquirers and Donors

GOAL: Identify and convert new allies and open new markets.

Establish a market profile by segmenting the geo-demographic, social, and lifestyle clusters of current and past families and alumni to insure that you re-create new sources of revenue. Increase diversity. Identify donors. Understand shifting markets. Rank potential matches in priority order that will provide the greatest return on your investment in marketing.

Conduct Assessment of Internal Stakeholders, Marketing, and School-wide Financial and Administrative Effectiveness

GOAL: Create a Resilient and Flexible School, and Channel the Power of Internal Marketing and Organizational Alignment.

Every employee of an organization and every Trustee has a critical stake in student and faculty recruitment, retention, philanthropy, and the success of the mission. Today, evidence of value and relevance is critical. The value proposition is based on return on investment, innovation, customer service, and cost-consciousness -- and this is what drives positive word of mouth. Understand how your internal community evaluates this. Understand what your administrative structure tells your internal and external communities about what you value.

Word of mouth is an organization’s most credible and consistently successful marketing tool. Word of mouth starts inside the organization. For schools, effective internal marketing is responsible for up to 80% of new enrollment.

Step 2 looks at financial and administrative operations, personnel, policies, procedures, budgeting, curriculum, communications, and more to ensure that compelling internal marketing is powering enrollment, retention, and fundraising.

Conduct Brand Identity / Brand Valuation (Image) Audit

GOAL: Listen confidentially to those you serve and seek to serve.

Listen independently. Objectively. Understand deeper factors that affect enrollment and reenrollment decisions. Understand what your current and potential customers and referrers value, how they see you, and what they need. There are over 20 potential constituent groups and you need to know what they are thinking. Understand the relationship among marketing, image, and your finances. Build and strengthen relationships. Discover community partnerships that will enhance curriculum. Build evidence of value. Bring the organization together using an objective external perspective.

Planning and Implementation

GOAL: Inspire action that measurably advances the mission.

Steps 1-3 generate synergy, energy, and momentum. Step 4 capitalizes on that momentum to clarify “Who we are, What we stand for, Why it matters, and Where we’re headed.” Clarify the relationship of financial condition to institutional goals for planning, fundraising, and resilience. Step 4 insures personal ownership of the mission, culminating in institutional strategic planning and implementation, and covering everyone's role in making it happen.


Goal: A systematic approach to professional development.

Coaching a new employee or taking someone to the next level of their career can happen before or after any of the steps previously mentioned.  This can be a standalone service, with coaching calls occurring every week or at selected intervals.