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Connor Associates is a highly personalized marketing,
advancement, and strategic thinking consultancy.

We create opportunities to link families, schools, and communities through our work with
private schools, independent schools, public charter schools, and non-profit organizations.

Marketing Therapy

with Mike Connor

"Our school used Connor Associates for a year-long engagement and we could not have been happier with the results and with the work and attention of Mike and his staff. The demographic study we conducted, the marketing recommendations we received, and the information we collected from our internal, external, and alumni audiences was invaluable. They go far deeper than anyone else with whom we considered working."
It is with great pleasure that Connor Associates announces a new partnership with St. David’s School, an independent, college preparatory day school in Raleigh, North Carolina.
In Part 1, we discussed the link between the "first base" of brand and the "second base" of creating terrific customer experiences. To get positioned for a grand slam, however, requires a runner to reach "third base." What is "third base?" Seamless collaboration among your internal audiences to create great customer experiences. The director of school marketing (or its equivalent position at your school) has an opportunity to become the marketing "connective tissue" among those internal groups.
The biggest opportunity I see for school marketers as we move through 2019 is to recognize and nurture the alliance of brand, customer experience, and collaboration. Each is important in its own right. Taken together, they are powerful. When the bases are loaded with these three, it makes a marketing grand slam possible!
Connor Associates Strategic Services is pleased to announce a partnership with International School of the Peninsula, an independent school serving students from Nursery through 8th grade in Palo Alto, CA. The project with ISTP aligns with the school’s current strategic plan and will complement the full International Baccalaureate (IB) accreditation planned for 2019.

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