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Why Did You Get Left Standing at the Altar?

By Carolyn Stiles, Connor Associates' VP for Client Relations and Market Research

Stamats, one the nation’s thought leaders in higher education integrated marketing, recently issued an article about the importance of gathering data from nonmatriculating students. They call it “The most important research study of the year.” At Connor Associates, we believe that this research is just as important at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.  

Wouldn't it be great to understand why, after you have invested time and energy into getting to know and court them through the admission process, families are choosing a school other than yours?

Through our confidential, objective, and neutral External Image Audit your school can dig deeper to get at the answers to questions such as:

  1. What factors influenced your decision to accept the admission offer from another school?
  2. Was there a particular incident or feeling or other factor that made you decline our enrollment offer?
  3. Is there anything that we could have done that might have made you consider our school more strongly?
  4. Should your current situation change, would you consider our school again?
  5. What were your overall impressions of the admissions process? Are there opportunities for improving the process?

We help get to the bottom of these and many other questions through one-on-one confidential interviews with families who were accepted, but did not enroll. We identify trends in responses and provide schools with an analysis of our findings and strategies to employ in the Admissions process and in Marketing and Communications outreach. Of course, if you like, this research can also apply to all stages of the admission and reenrollment process, as well as to your community influencers and referrers.

Connor Associates Strategic Services, LLC is based in California and has served the market research, planning, and branding needs of 450 private, charter, and independent schools and colleges in the US, Europe, Africa, and Asia over the past 20 years.

For more information about the External Image Audit with Connor Associates, contact Carolyn Stiles at

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