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Teachers to Students: "You Inspire Me!"

A Kansas City public high school recently did something so simple, but something that was so huge, that it made a tearful impact on many of the students who heard it. 

We're accustomed to having students write appreciative notes to teachers who made a difference in their lives. What happens when you flip it?

Encourage your teachers and coaches, and every adult your students come into contact with at your school, to compliment the students who inspire them:

You are the reason I get up in the morning to teach. Here's why...

You make me a better teacher because...

You make me want to come to work everyday because...

I appreciate all you do for us in class because you are....

You make me inspired because....

The school videotaped the students' reaction to these heartfelt gifts from their teachers. Prepare to get out the tissues. See video here.

You KNOW that this practice is going to make a huge difference in their confidence and in their appreciation for others. And if its good for our students now, it's good for the world they will inherit.

And from this school marketer's point of view, not a bad retention strategy, either.

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