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Pittsburgh’s St. Edmund’s Academy and Connor Associates Join Forces

Connor Associates Strategic Services is pleased to welcome a marketing research partnership with St. Edmund’s Academy, a nonsectarian Preschool – 8th grade independent school located in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At St. Edmund’s Academy, core values and character education are lived in a community of authentic diversity (42%), and where teachers' innovative instruction fosters both critical thinking and creativity.

Head of School Chad Barnett welcomes the partnership:

Mike Connor and Connor Associates are well-known in the US and abroad for a reputation based on service and collaboration, bringing all constituent groups together to move a school’s mission forward.  His research is highly focused on discovering and communicating value and strengthening a school’s identity and visibility as an asset to the community.  He is highly professional and a veteran I have known for years.  The board and our administrators look forward to the partnership.

At the heart of every day, every decision, every practice and every philosophy at the Academy lie its Core Values.  Far more than philosophical ideals hanging on a wall, these six Core Values are woven into a student’s daily life:

1. Respect for the needs and feelings of others

2. Understanding and appreciation of the differences among people

3. The worthiness of service to others

4. The importance of taking responsibility for one’s own conduct

5. The central role of honesty in relationships

6. The value of setting high standards in all endeavors

St. Edmund’s Academy understands the need to provide a comprehensive education that promotes both high academic standards and ethical behavior.  This enduring promise is the School’s distinguishing trademark in the Pittsburgh area. 

A program recently launched at St. Edmund’s is their Signature Experiences for Global Goals, a curriculum thread inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations. This program allowed St. Edmund’s Academy to be the first school in Pittsburgh to sign on as a UN Global School. These schools serve as hubs of education and leadership on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, ultimately empowering students to prioritize sustainable development in their lifestyles, behaviors, education, and professional careers.

After graduating from the 8th grade, the students matriculate to a wide array of secondary schools from which St. Edmund’s Academy alumni report a level of academic preparedness that far exceeds the expectations of their secondary schools.  The School has been and remains known for the rigor of our core academic programming and character building.

Connor Associates is proud to be affiliated with a school that shares our values and we look forward to sharing the results of our work later this Fall.

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