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It's What’s Inside That Counts!

The Case for Internal Partnerships in Your School 

Stratospheric tuition. Escalating costs. Shifting demography. Expanding choice. The need to assure families of the value of an independent or international school education and its benefits and outcomes is essential if your school wants to remain a relevant and compelling option


Effective educational marketers recognize the power of partnerships among key internal stakeholders, including the trustees, head of school, financial and operational officers, divisional and departmental heads, educators, the admission, marketing, communications, development functions, and your alumni outcomes (literally your "walking" value proposition!)

Marketing Matters

Competition across all forms of education is on the rise — from home-schools, public magnet and charter schools, parochial schools, and new schools supported by venture capital.

The most recent emerging hybrids and new educational approaches are described in The 2015 SSATB Report: Sizing Up the Competition, a seminal and sobering look at the enrollment and retention challenges facing nearly all independent schools.

Expect these schools to draw heavily on our traditional enrollment: Academically Rigorous Schools; Deeper Learning Schools; Online Education; Personalized Learning Schools, and many others.

It’s also a great incentive and rallying cry for independent schools to refocus on our value, and welcome improvements that will increase our resilience and sustainability.

As an educator prior to becoming a consultant to schools, I still have the blood of a former teacher, coach, dorm parent, director of studies, admission director, communications director, development director, and director of advancement coursing through my mind and body. If I’ve learned anything, it is that success in one’s own job depends on others being successful in theirs.

The success of your independent school's mission depends on everyone inside the school recognizing that their personal success is interdependent with yours. 

But how do you get everyone to buy into such shared responsibility?

I look forward to addressing this question at the EARCOS International Schools Annual Leadership Conference in Bangkok on Wednesday, October 28.  Over the next several months, my blogs will focus on everyone's role in making your school a compelling choice amid all the choices that are out there!  

Stay tuned. . .


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