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Edmund Burke School (DC) Selects Connor Associates for Enrollment Feasibility and Five-Year Forecasting Research

Connor Associates Strategic Services is pleased to announce a partnership with Edmund Burke School, located in upper northwest Washington, DC. Founded in 1968, Burke is a co-ed, independent and college preparatory school serving more than 300 students inthe sixth through twelfth grades. Burke occupies an over 60,000 square foot urban campus on Connecticut Avenue.

For 50 years, Burke has been dedicated to progressive education. They believe that all students learn better when actively involved in research and solving problems. Hands on projects, lively debates, and regular field work allow students to experience their learning rather than always listening to lectures. The School maintains high academic standards while giving students the tools to succeed. Students learn how to think, not what to think, and Burke provides them with a safe, inclusive environment in which to stretch themselves and try new things.

Burke places the intellectual, physical and creative lives of our students at the center of all its efforts. Their teachers know, respect and appreciate students as individual, unique learners, and nurture each student’s social and emotional well-being. The faculty and staff inspire students by emphasizing the value of student ideas and the confidence that comes from overcoming challenges. They support the growth and development of students’ skills, interests and abilities in a responsive teaching environment that fosters autonomy, curiosity, creativity, experimentation, discovery and collaboration. Head of School Damian R. Jones speaks warmly about Burke:

I’m surrounded here by artists, writers, scientists, leaders, mathematicians, activists and athletes – just like the city of Washington. The atmosphere is warm and inclusive and the students are visibly happy while working very hard. We strive to continue to live our mission to bring together students who are different from one another in many ways, actively engage them in their own education, hold them to high expectations, give them power and responsibility, and support and advance their growth as skilled and independent thinkers who step forward to make positive contributions to the world in which they live.

We hope our work with Connor Associates helps us more effectively reach those students and families who will enhance our school community and beyond.

We are proud to have Edmund Burke School as a client. Connor Associates Strategic Services, LLC is based in California and has served the market research, planning, and branding needs of 450 private, charter, and independent schools and colleges in the US, Europe, Africa, and Asia over the past 20 years. For a blog detailing Enrollment Feasibility and Forecasting, please click here. There is also a brief video on our homepage.

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