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Connor Associates Offers New Service to Determine the Top 20% of Your Current and Potential Donor Base

From time to time we like to keep you on top of how our services are evolving to best serve K-12s and nonprofits in general. Like you, we are always in professional development mode to "skate to where the puck is heading” for independent schools and nonprofits.

This summer, we brought on a donor screening and prospect research service that lets us search, screen, analyze, and model new or existing prospects at your School: not only those who are currently on your donor rolls, but to screen potential families for their ability to donate, and how much they are capable of donating.

When I was a Development Director, knowing the 80/20 rule—that I'd get 80% of our annual fund revenue from 20% of my school’s donor base—left me with a huge question:

Who are the top 20% and what are they capable of donating?

You can get into more depth about this data-driven concept in my recent blog here.  It’s time to move away from asks based on anecdotes and often misleading educated guesses, to a proven data-driven approach that will maximize your school’s efforts to connect with and motivate “underperforming” donors.

Purpose:  Serve development and advancement officers who may not have the budget to afford the best tools for identifying top donors, or don’t have the bandwidth of specialized fundraising staff that many bigger organizations enjoy.

Deliverable: A simple to understand Excel workbook showing each person’s net worth, total assets, gift capacity range, gift capacity ranking, causes they are inclined to support, and how much they are capable of donating over a one-year and five-year period.

Timing: 3-4 weeks after receiving your protected data.

Introductory Price:  We’re keeping it simple, with a formula based on low fee, high impact, and high value. Fee will rise on November 1, 2019.  Please use the Contact Us tab on the Connor Associates Strategic Services home page and we'll get in touch with a highly affordable plan that will support your goals.

We trust you’re enjoying a positive start to your school year.  We look forward to being in touch. In the meantime, best wishes for a successful start to your 2019-2020 annual fund, or other campaigns you may be launching this year.

Thank you from all of us at Connor Associates Strategic Services. Let's talk! 

About Us: Connor Associates is based in Northern California near Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. With 22 employees, image audit research associates, and strategic partners across the United States, Connor Associates offers comprehensive market research, branding, and digital ad placement services. We've worked successfully with hundreds of schools on four continents and in 26 states.


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