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Connor Associates Expands into Digital Media and Communications with New Strategic Partners

We at Connor Associates Strategic Services are excited to announce the integration of print and digital communications and auditing and evaluation of channel advertising into our longstanding experience and solid reputation in market research and communicating value.

These expanded communication services will provide our clients with a broader marketing scope and additional savings by bundling these services under one firm with one unified vision and strategy.

Joining Connor Associates as Strategic Partners are EdChanges, led by William Bullard (center), and Enroll Media Group, led by Angie Ward (right) and Jake Youmell (left).

EdChanges will measure the performance of email, social media, blogs, print publications, ads, and direct mail.  The purpose is to compare results, trends, and return on investment (ROI) for each channel. Schools will learn how to test the effectiveness of subject lines and headlines, copy, images, videos, and personalization, and gain tips on identifying and nurturing potential influencers for your school.

Enroll Media Group will offer digital marketing audits and conversion rate optimization services to include properties such as school websites and top channel directories like, Google My Business, YouTube and more.  The purpose is to ensure alignment and functionality of digital properties and data to achieve strategic enrollment marketing goals in alignment with Connor Associates' market research. 

Connor Associates is already known for its 20 years of providing schools with a wide variety of research-based services:

• Internal marketing assessments

• External image audit perceptual studies for enrollment management and communications

• Alumni and past parent surveys for objective ROI messaging

• Psychodemographic enrollment feasibility studies and five-year forecasts to attract qualified leads

• Wealth screening to determine how to focus resources on the top 20% of donors and potential donors.

• Marketing plans and institutional strategic planning

Connor Associates' research will enhance the effectiveness of increasing conversions and providing ROI data that EdChanges and Enroll Media Group will utilize.

With 22 employees, research associates, and partners, Connor Associates has worked with hundreds of schools on four continents and in 26 states.   The addition of our new strategic partners, EdChanges and Enroll Media Group, is building on our success with a natural next step at a time when branding, communications, and conversion rates are necessities, and when strategic market research must underpin tactical print and digital communications for effective enrollment management, advancement marketing, and targeted parent communications.

We look forward to learning more about the aspirations for your school so we can build a customized plan for you!

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