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Connor Associates Becomes InspirED's First Senior Partner

Connor Associates Strategic Services is pleased to announce a Senior Partnership with InspirED, the nation's premier network for marketing and communication professionals at independent schools. Connor Associates is the first organization to partner with InspirED at its highest level of support.

With 20-years' experience working with schools on their admission, retention, branding, and philanthropic goals, it’s clear that objective market research and effective communication drive success.  Everything comes back to carefully listening to how people evaluate your product, your commitment to continually improving it, and their enthusiasm in spreading the word.  That's the job of marketing research and communications.

Marketing connects everything for a school. It is grounded in the ongoing commitment to improve the product (teaching and learning) and to communicate it in a compelling way.  Education marketing is about creating a transformational education and a customer experience that's priceless. That's why InspirED's mission is so important. And that's why we believe their work merits our support.

The scope of InspirED's work includes the Brilliance Awards competition, the annual MarCom Survey Report, The Daily Jolt newsletter, The Juice blog, SparkSessions, webinars, case studies, and advocacy. It’s like going to a conference dedicated to private school marketing, but available 24/7 online, always there when needed. Our team at Connor Associates especially likes the Daily Jolt, which you can access here.

InspirED was founded by Rob and Liza Norman in 2015 to fill a gap in the professional development needs of independent school marketing/communication professionals. For the 25 years prior, Rob and Liza operated a successful branding consulting firm, Turnaround Communications. We finally met at an AISAP conference years ago, and my respect for them has continued to grow over the years.

Luckily, the feeling has been mutual. "We wished we had known Connor Associates when we were still actively leading our private school branding and marketing firm," Rob mentioned recently. "We would have partnered with them on external research, enrollment feasibility studies, forecasts, and much more. The Connor Associates brand is known for quality work, professionalism, and delivering results. Plus, Mike is a really great guy.”

Had I only known!  Not too long ago I was a guest on Rob's Sparkcast, where we had an enthusiastic discussion about the role of teachers and coaches in school marketing. The link will take you directly to that interview.

I would enthusiastically encourage other firms and professionals to join me in supporting the high-voltage work InspirEd is doing on a daily basis to "make our jobs easier," as they like to say. To find out more about the different levels of support, click here.  To see an example of a Senior Partner page, click here.

Rob and Liza, thank you for the great work you do for all of us who are in the business of communicating the value of the schools we love. Connor Associates is proud to be your first Senior Partner. Spark on!


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