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Connor Associates Adds British Educator and Marketer as Research Associate

British educator and marketer Fiona May recently joined Connor Associates to help client schools better understand external perceptions of the school through interviews with community influencers and families at various stages of enrollment.   She comes to us with a background in business, including many years of experience as a marketing consultant.

Originally based in the United Kingdom, she worked with numerous international companies including Volvo, Ford, Holiday Inn and IBM to research, analyze, create and implement marketing solutions to fulfill clients’ business objectives.

Additionally, Fiona has experience in the independent schools sector, working as a member of marketing teams alongside board members, faculty, administration and parents at day schools in both New Jersey and California. Most recently, she was involved in the rebranding of an independent pre K – 8 school in Southern California which successfully repositioned the school’s brand image and generated increased enrollment and retention. 

Fiona also has experience as a writer, contributing content for both websites and magazines.

Born and raised in southern England, Fiona earned an M.A. Honors degree in European Studies and German from the University of Dundee, Scotland.  She moved to the USA with her family in 2000 and has lived on both the east and west coasts.

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