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Aspen Academy Selects Connor Associates to Sustain Growth and Open New Markets

Currently the fastest growing school in Colorado, Aspen Academy near Denver is a prime example of never taking leadership in the educational market for granted. 

We’re pleased to announce we’ll be working with this notable School on enrollment feasibility and forecasting.  This innovative School seeks to expand its reach by engaging us to fine-tune their current market area, identify mission-fit full-pay prospects, and predict areas for future growth. 

Aspen Academy is Colorado’s premier independent school for academics, leadership, and entrepreneurial development.  Its Pre-K through 8th grade student body is imbued with -- and its students exemplify -- the School’s core values: Be Kind, Do Good, Work Hard, and Make the World a Better Place.

“Aspen Academy is committed to being a national leader in innovative education and equipping students to lead purposeful and extraordinary lives," shares Lynda Sailor, Co-Founder and Business Officer. “As we explore ways to transform education nationwide, we sought a partner to support our momentum and ensure our work serves as many families as possible."

“After interviewing numerous Connor Associates’ clients, we heard countless success stories and it was clear they would be the best partner to support our framework for success. We're excited to partner with them to build on our values and bring our mission and vision to reality.”

In many respects, Aspen Academy has always been ahead of its time. Ten years ago, Bears' Student Enterprises was founded and is an entirely student-managed entity that houses the 8th Graders’ businesses. In 2012, the Aspen Youth Leadership Institute was founded at the School. In 2013, the Financial Literacy Curriculum was created in partnership with the National Financial Literacy Council.

In 2014, Kristina Scala, one of the three founders and current Head of School, was featured in an episode of the PBS Series, Exceptionary Women.

Aspen Academy was founded in 2005 by three women dedicated to the idea of providing an educational opportunity where what you know is equally as important as who you are. It was important to the founders that Aspen Academy became a place where when children left at the end of the day, they couldn’t wait to come back in the morning. It was through this vision, the generosity of a group of parents, will, and sheer grit that Aspen Academy began in a 10'x12’ office in downtown Littleton, Colorado.

By 2007, enrollment had exceeded the space's capacity, which prompted the purchase of a larger facility. Over the course of the next eight years, the current site was entirely renovated to include a new gymnasium and fitness center, Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd Grade classroom renovations, the addition of a Professional Development Center for faculty, new sports facilities, gardens, fourteen outdoor labs, ten teaching gardens, security fencing, and an Innovation lab.

Aspen Academy is led by exceptional faculty who offer a personalized approach to instruction. Since its inception, the School has remained steadfastly focused on developing passionate, lifelong learners who graduate from the school empowered to be confident, curious and innovative. The character and accomplishments of Aspen Academy graduates provide powerful testimony to the success of the School’s programs.

We are proud to have Aspen Academy as a client and we’re grateful to be chosen for this important work. We look forward to a strong, collaborative relationship!


Connor Associates Strategic Services, LLC is based in California and has served the market research, planning, and branding needs for hundreds of private, charter, and independent schools in the US, Europe, Africa, and Asia over the past 20 years.

Please contact our Director of Market Research and Client Relations, Emily Griffiths, ( for further information.


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